Martin Alejandro  


Martin Alejandro embodies a balance of success, heart and spirit! He has educated himself by definition and broadened his mind by owning every experience.  He is a dedicated father, caring son, true friend and a creative artist.  Not only is he an artist, but he’s also a leader, active warrior and watchman of our great community.  Community he has enriched with his heritage, diversity, spirit and mystical investment.  We anticipate seeing the evolution of this modern meets abstract forbidden dance, and marriage of expressions in his works.   Evoked by mystical themes and eclectic tones, the preemptive stage is created. 

Martin's art work is influenced from his Latin background.  He is originally from Brownsville and Houston, TX. He has been inspired through his deep family heritage connection; living so close to Mexico and visiting his family members in San Luis Potosi, Taninul, Tampico and Matamoros made a difference in his work.  Martin first started painting on canvas in 2001; his first creation was "Sexy Medusa" acrylic medium on canvas.  His apprenticeship, of one and a half years, was under Toni Hudson of Brownsville, TX  ( and later he expanded to mix medium styles.  He continued to create other images on canvas; he paints with rich and vivid colors that express nature as well as his imagination. 

Soon to add author to his list of outstanding achievements; Martin Alejandro holds three accredited degrees and currently pursuing a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

This man, this artist, prepares his main idea and crux of his mystical creativity in a tangible setting, for view and individual or collective purchase.